First Stage Transitional Housing Program

While we recognize that all components of our program are crucial to our families’ success, the Transitional Program is where real change occurs. Over a six to nine month period, up to 14 families slowly regain a sense of stability and independence.

Families eligible for this program:

  • must agree to save 80% of their income
  • find employment
  • set weekly and long-term goals
  • work on cleaning up their credit
  • learn to budget
  • use sound spending principles
  • participate in life skills classes
  • participate in counseling sessions

Case Managers work closely with the whole family to lend emotional support and build stability. The Transitional Program fosters the development of personal and fiscal responsibility in order to encourage residents to become self sufficient and contributing members of society.

Second Stage Transitional Housing Program

Upon graduating from the First Stage Transitional Housing Program, families have achieved a level of financial and emotional stability. For an additional 12 to 18 months, the continuum of care is completed by gradually lessening the amount of support provided by OCIS, while at the same time continuing to address any family issues.

Families literally move beyond the walls of OCIS to off-site apartments. All of the lessons related to sound financial planning, balancing family and work, and maintaining a home are placed into action. Residing in a clean, safe and comfortable environment (often for the first time in their lives) families pay rent, utilities, buy groceries, clothing and household needs.

The immediate effect of the program for the families in the Transitional Program will be to eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency and allow adults to begin to improve their circumstances; the ultimate effect will be to increase the number of families who obtain permanent housing, full-time employment and self-sufficiency.

Taking the Next Step

The impact of our work is not limited to the immediate effects of intensive counseling and support over a 6 to 24 month period. Because entire families are involved, the long-term effects are generational. As a result, we take great care to address the physical and emotional needs of parents and their children in a manner, which says, "You deserve (and are worthy of) decent clothing, healthy food, access to healthcare, access to education and a nice place to live." This holistic approach reflects every aspect of our program - setting high expectations through practice, environment and action.

With the ongoing support of individuals, local businesses, faith-based and philanthropic groups, foundations and corporations, Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter will continue to change the lives of thousands of children and their families every year. Become a difference maker, and help shape the future of our shelter. Donate or Volunteer today!

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